How could it become like this?

Tell me...

Dogs have always been around in my family (Ann-Britt) and since 1970 in Björn´s too.

Our first dogs were a poodle and a papillon, after that a cockerspaniel and eventually a dachshund. At that time our youngest son became allergic to cats, dogs and horses so when the dachshund died, we didn´t get another dog.

December 2004 we felt that it was time for another dog. Our son had moved from home, I had started to work in our home, so a little dog wouldn´t be alone.
When you are a little puppy you have to find food sometimes. It MIGHT fell down something from above... Jocke thinks.
Hm... what can this be?
What a giant water bowl!
Jakob! Here I am! Behind your back!
OK! One day I saw a family with three dogs. Nice they were! What breed was that? Lhasa apso. Hm... would that be something for us?

Yes perhaps. We found a breeder with a nice bitch, waited and waited, but nothing happened. One day we looked in the newspaper and found something interesting: "Aussie for sale".  What is that?

Google is a good thing and soon we had learnt that an aussie is a small, nice, healthy dog. Wow - that looked good!

We went for a trip - and came home with a little puppy! 11 weeks old he was - Jocke.

Perhaps this was for the best - and we have never been sorry for what happened!
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